Is removing the job security in Indian government jobs the only way to ensure the efficiency of the government?

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If the job security in government jobs in India is removed, Indian State will collapse in no time.

Indian bureaucracy is often called the steel frame of India and it is due to them. India has been able to survive so far and emerge as one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

They are not perfect or even among the better ones in the world, but you can see the difference of quality if you compare them with their bosses (politicians of India).

Imagine a situation, when civil servants can be hired and fired like in a corporate sectors by the politicians.

When any political party comes into power, it will remove all the employees of the previous regime and appoint new civil servants who are their party workers, or belonging to the caste, community and ideologies of their party.

If there is no job security, no civil servant would have the guts to act against their political masters, their political workers or the businessmen giving legal and illegal donations to the party.

Even today, most government servants are behaving like the puppets in the hands of the politicians of the country.

If job security is removed, they will act like the personal servants of the politicians.

If the politicians would ask the top civil servants to wash dishes in their home, they would have no option, but to do the same.

They live respectfully and implement the rules and laws of the nation to some extent only due to the job security granted to them in the Constitution of India.

If there is no job security, honest and sincere people would never join civil services and young people would shun civil services as they avoid politics today.

Civil servants with no job security will efficiently lead to the downfall of India.

Job security is the probability that an individual will keep their job; a job with a high level of security is such that a person with the job would have a small chance of losing it.

Basic economic theory holds that during periods of economic expansion businesses experience increased demand, which in turn necessitates investment in more capital or labor. When businesses are experiencing growth, job confidence and security typically increase. The opposite often holds true during a recession: businesses experience reduced demand and look to downsize their workforces in the short term.

Governments and individuals are both motivated to achieve higher levels of job security. Governments attempt to do this by passing laws (such as the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964) which make it illegal to fire employees for certain reasons. Individuals can influence their degree of job security by increasing their skills through education and experience, or by moving to a more favorable location. The official unemployment rate and employee confidence indexes are good indicators of job security in particular fields. These statistics are closely watched by economists, government officials, and banks.

Unions also strongly influence job security. Jobs that traditionally have a strong union presence such as many government jobs and jobs in education, healthcare and law enforcement are considered very secure while many non-unionized private sector jobs are generally believed to offer lower job security, although this varies by industry and country.

The instructions issued by Government'. of India in the Ministry of Home ... The Recruitment Rules for various civil posts and services prescribe the method of filling ... member should be an officer of the Department familiar with the work of the ... mental Promotion Committee could be initiated only after the expiry 

 These rules may be called the All India Services (Death-cum-Retirement Benefits) ... Central Government before the coming into force of those rules, were given an ... withdrawal was made, the conduct of the member concerned was in no way ... his qualifying service, only for superannuation pension purpose, a period.

other way, to secure the participation of employee in the management of undertakings ... 1.5 Government of India firmly believes that without safe, clean environment as ... Environment at workplace, is not only to eliminate the incidence of work ... employers and employees organisations, with a view to eliminating hazards.

This issue is not bounded to just parking, but also adds to the security concerns inside those ... In order to ensure pedestrian safety and vehicle speed limits in areas with high ... In order to stay efficient and work at full potential, wind farms should be able to ... Gov of Uttarakhand, Predicting the trends of quality-oriented jobs.

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