Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Kerala became the First Digital State in Public Education

 Kerala has become the first state in the country that have made the public education completely digital. Kerala achieved this milestone within two years of the launch of the initiative. Total expenditure on the initiative was Rs 42.36 crores. The project was implemented by Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education.

Key Facts

  • Under the initiative, 374274 digital services were distributed in 16027 schools in Kerala.
  • It also set up high-tech labs in some 11275 schools at primary and secondary levels.
  • More than 12,678 schools in Kerala have access to high speed broad band connection.
  • The initiative have set up more than 45000 high-tech class rooms  across 4752 schools under the project.
  • The initiative has also provided Information and Communication Training to some 183440 teachers.
  • These high-tech classrooms were established under the Public Education Rejuvenation Mission.
  • Class rooms were provided with projectors, television, webcams, laptops, DSLR cameras and other digital equipment.

Annual Status of Education Report

As per the report, Kerala, with literacy rate of 93.91%, has the highest literacy rate in the country. Other key findings of the report are:

  1. The students of Kerala had the highest ability to solve mathematics when compared to the students from other states
  2. General Education Protection Mission : under the mission, learning levels in government schools of Kerala has increased. Thus, the students are performing better.
  3. The report highlights that percentage of enrolment in government schools are high as compared to private schools for the higher secondary education.
  4. Kerala gives equal importance to pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher secondary education.
  5. Dropping rates of students is also less after reaching to a certain level of education as opposed to higher dropping rates in other states.
  6. As per the report, Government of Kerala initiates the measures to boost the infrastructural facilities regularly in schools. This has helped Kerala to perform better.



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