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Get Special Benefits For Longshore Work Injuries. We've Helped 10,000 Louisianans. We've Been Helping Workers For 27+ Years. Workers' Comp LLC. Free Consult. Contact Us. Local Lawyers. Four Office Locations. 25+ Years Of Experience. We'll Stand By You.

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Maritime Injury Attorneys - Maritime lawyer new orleans

ur Lawyers Have Helped Thousands Get Benefits

You have special protections in the law if you work in shipping, any other maritime job or in another capacity on Louisiana’s waterways, and you get hurt at work.

You could receive larger workers’ compensation benefits than other types of workers, helping you get your life back on steady ground.

Those include:

  • Payment for lost wages
  • Medical coverage for your injuries

A lawyer can help determine whether your case qualifies for special benefits under the federal Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA).

In New Orleans, Baton Rouge, coastal areas and waterways across Louisiana, get a Longshore Workers’ Comp Act lawyer from Workers’ Compensation, LLC, to fight for your benefits—and a more secure financial future.

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Maritime Injury Attorneys - Maritime Injury Lawyers

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