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ONTD, is the largest community on LiveJournal - what is ONTD ?


The celebrities are disposable. The gossip is priceless.

ONTD, is the largest community on LiveJournal - what is ONTD ?

Oh No They Didn't, also known as ONTD, is the largest community on LiveJournal with over 100,000 members. The community focuses on celebrity gossip and pop culture with most of its posts aggregated from other gossip blogs.

The site formed a partnership with pop culture blog network Buzz Media in July 2010 that was not renewed a year later.

The blog boasted over 300,000 page views daily according to a 2008 Popmatters article  although it has considerably decreased in recent years. When LiveJournal increased the comment limit on posts from 5000 to 10,000 comments, ONTD contained the first post to reach this new limit.


Short for Oh No They Didn't, a gossiping LiveJournal community that posts about celebrities. Similar to Pink Is The New Blog and Perez Hilton.

I'm addicted to ONTD and have to check it before I go to school today!

Stands for Oh No They Didn't, a widely known gossip blog. It's the most popular livejournal site and has over 90,000 users. The age range could be anywhere between 12 to 35. The blog uses different sites for news but there are a few exclusives every now and then. It has been mentioned in quite a few magazines and T.V. shows. The site is known for it's hilarious comments and memes(of which some are picked up by non-ONTDers), sarcasm, GIFs and debates. It's pretty much one of the awesomest places on teh interwebz

Girl 1: Gurl, I need to check on ONTD b4 skool

Girl 2: Wats ONTD?

Girl 1: WAT? u don't know what ONTD is? gurrl you hasnt seen the internet until u've seen ONTD!!

Girl 2: O_o



a celebrity gossip community on LiveJournal. the only place without emo kids with "sad" poems on their lj blogs.

Perez Hilton: "OMG ONTD is the best gossip site ever! i wish i wasn't such an annoyed fag, then i might be more liked then ONTD!"

Nick Jonas: "One time they got a hold of my number." *gigglesnort*

Oprah Winfrey: "ONTD is my guilty pleasure.."

Miley Cyrus & Billy Ray: "ONTD holds our secret.."

Jahunka: "I shat on my bed and I posted the stain on ONTD + then i died."

(RIP Jahunka)

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Taylor Swift - Oh No They Didn't! — LiveJournal

Taylor Swift's cardigan topped the Billboard 200 for a 7th (non-consecutive) week with 87k in equivalent album units, up 97% from last week. The bump resulted 

Gee golly, they didn't, otherwise called ONTD, are the biggest network on LiveJournal with more than 100,000 individuals.  The people group centers around its tattle and mainstream society, with the majority of its posts, gathered from other tattle online journals. The webpage shaped an organization with the mainstream society blog network Buzz Media in July 2010, which was not recharged following a year. 

As per a 2008 PopMatters article, the blog was seen in excess of multiple times every day,  however, it has diminished altogether lately. At the point when LiveJournal raised as far as possible from 5,000 to 10,000 remark posts, ONTD presented the first to arrive at this new cutoff. 

ontd medical abbreviation

Open neural tube defects (ONTDs) are problems with the way the brain, spinal cord, or spine forms while a baby is growing in the womb. The types of neural tube defects include spina bifida, anencephaly, and encephalocele. Treatment for an ONTD depends on the type of defect your child has.

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