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cancelled cheque

 What is a cancelled cheque? A cheque with two parallel strike lines is known as a cancelled cheque. The phrase "CANCELLED" is scrawled across the cheque between the two parallel strike lines. It is written like this to ensure no one can misuse the cheque.

A cancelled cheque is a method to ensure that no one can access your account in a fraudulent way. A cancelled cheque still contains information such as your bank account number, account holder's name, IFSC code, MICR code, name of the bank, etc.
 A cheque is called 'cancelled cheque' when two lines are drawn across it and the word “cancelled' is written between the two lines.

Step 1: Take a fresh cheque from your cheque leaf that you wish to cancel. Do not sign anywhere on the cheque. Step 2: Draw two parallel cross lines across the cheque. Step 3: Write “CANCELLED” between those two lines in capital letters.


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