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TD Insurance

TD Insurance is a financial services company that offers a variety of insurance products to its customers, including home, auto, life, and health insurance. The company is a subsidiary of TD Bank Group, one of the largest banks in Canada. TD Insurance provides insurance coverage to individuals, families, and businesses across Canada, and has a network of insurance advisors and brokers who can help customers find the coverage that best meets their needs. In addition to traditional insurance products, the company also offers a range of insurance-related services, such as claims assistance and risk management advice.

TD Insurance for your car, home, life and travel medical insurance needs. Let our advisors help you choose the right coverage for you and your family's

Travel insurance can help provide you with coverage so you can make the most of your travels. Browse TD Protection Plans.

Why choose us as your insurance company?

Committed to Savings

With the TD Insurance Savings Commitment, we will help you find ways to save on your home and auto insurance.

At TD Insurance* we have the privilege of protecting more than four million Canadians and their families and providing trusted insurance advice and support.

Coverage That Fits

Personalized coverage assessments for home and auto so you can feel confident your coverage fits your needs.

The TD Insurance app provides quick, easy and convenient access to all your policies, coverages, pink cards, claims and billing information.

Here for You When It Matters Most

Conveniently speak to an advisor, get your car repaired, and pick up a rental vehicle at a TD Insurance Auto Centre.

TD Insurance is part of the TD Bank Group, one of Canada's largest financial services organizations. 

When was TD insurance created?

Insurance corporations create cash by looking on risk - the chance that you simply will not die before it slow and create the insurance underwriter pay, or the chance your house will not burn down or your SUV will not be destroyed in a very crash. TD Insurance The conception that drives the underwriter revenue model could be a business arrangement with a private, company or organization wherever the insurance underwriter guarantees to pay a selected quantity of cash for a selected quality loss by the insured, typically by harm, illness, or within the case of insurance, death.

In return, the underwriter is paid regular (usually monthly) payments from its client, for associate policy that covers life, home, auto, travel, business, and valuables, among different assets.

Basically, the insurance contract could be a promise by the underwriter to pay for any losses to the insured across a spread of quality spectrums, in exchange for normal, smaller payments created by the insured to the underwriter.

The promise is cemented in associate insurance contract, signed by each the underwriter and also the insured client.

That sounds straightforward enough, right? however after you get right down to however insurance corporations create cash, i.e. earn a lot of revenues than they pay, things get a lot of difficult.

Yes, every insurance company takes insurance cover for all the risks it has undertaken as an entire portfolio. This arrangement is known as REINSURANCE.

Reinsurance is simply insurance of insurance. TD Insurance In case of a loss giving rise to a claim against the insurance company, the insurer faces financial loss, and sometimes such loss may not be within the capacity of the insurance company, and they might become insolvent, and hence they take reinsurance cover.

How do I contact TD insurance?

Look on the internet for their telephone customer support number.

Call the number and request a carrier pigeon is sent to you.

Tell the pigeon what you want to know and release it.


The pigeons will answer your questions after you answer the security question, note the encryption key and message TD use the ancient Latin spelling of the penguin language translated into modern pigeon for your security.

Note what the pigeons say, go home decode the reply.

It is the fastest easiest way to contact TD.

Unless it's the other TD Insurance TD then you will need to hang glide naked around the north pole twice. Take the southern rout to the north pole travel East until you reach magnetic West pole. There you need to locate the big birds egg. On the inside of the egg you will find what you need.

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